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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

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Why women can’t fix cars!

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Women and body building – it’s just plain wrong!

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9 ways to tell if a girl will cheat on you!

Before I dive right into this article, I should warn you. What you are about to read is a heavy combination of personal experience, astute observation, and unrelenting research. This list was more or less something of a personal checklist of mine to use when evaluating a potential new female prospect in my life and it has been extremely good and accurate for my friends and I. What I am trying to say is that if you read this, and notice that your girlfriend or wife rates unfavorably in any category, you might start developing a case of paranoia that would ultimately accelerate the end of your relationship. Or worse yet, actually cause the relationship fail when she is just a little weak in one or two categories.

11111The way to use this list is as follows: Go through and give each section a score of 1 to 10, 1 being if she is really weak in the category, 10 being if she is really strong in the category. At the end add up your score—anything higher than a 72 and you should feel particularly safe that your girl won’t cheat on you. 54-72 means that she could be thinking about it but probably will not unless the circumstances are extreme, and anything lower than that probably means you have to be careful and evaluate your situation. Anything below a 27 and she has probably already cheated on you a few times. Without further ado, here are the 9 Ways to Tell if A Girl Will Cheat on You. You’ve been warned

9. How Flirty is She?

A lot of women like to flirt. It’s just something that women do—especially if they’re single. It’s how they communicate with men that they find interesting or attractive in hopes of fixing the problem of being single (Even if its only for one night). The problem comes when there is a lot of what girls have come to call “innocent flirting” going on with other guys when she’s out and you can observe it.

Now before we go flipping the jealously switch and being super alert, remember that there is a very clear line and a world of difference between being social and being flirty. You must be very careful not to confuse the two. Let’s say you are at a party with your girlfriend, for example. If she is just being social, she’s probably out talking to lots of people, not being mean or rude to anyone (including guys that hit on her) and in general just meeting people and mingling. Whether she talks to mostly guys or mostly girls, there is nothing wrong with this and over reacting to having an attractive girlfriend who is also a socialite will get you the asshole tag and probably make her want to leave you behind when she goes out or will flat out break up with you.

The things you should look for is if she zero’s in on one guy, allows herself to get isolated by the guy (or initiates the isolation herself), she is constantly getting closer and touching in a full frontal manner (as opposed to from the sides). There are many more signs of over-flirting that can take place that I won’t list here, but whenever you see it happening just ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is she like that with most people? (Depending on culture and background, some girls really are just touchy feely. Judge it against her baseline behavior socially)
  • If someone came by would it look like those two are connecting on a level deeper than friendship (a sense of objectiveness is incredibly important so you don’t see things through a cloud of jealously)
  • If she’s not like that with most people, how much is she touching him? (Above all things else, in bar or at a party or any other social venture where you can observe the flirting, this is usually the key to tell how far she might let the flirting go in any situation)

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Why you should hide the instruction manual!

We’ve all complained at some point about our women never reading the manuals for anything and then asking us to explain how something digital or mechanical works.

But, you should never forget that there are times when allowing a woman to read a manual should actively be discouraged. Here’s the proof…


Click here for some gadgets that are confusing to women!

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