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Mad, bad and dangerous to know!

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Michael Jackson – He’s Dead! Get over it!

In much the same spirit as yesterday…

Surely it can’t just us who are totally bored by the blanket news coverage of Jackson´s death at the moment! It’s time to let it drop – the vast majority of the world’s population don’t actually care, and there’s a good number of parents who won’t be mourning the loss of an (alleged) paedophile…! The only people who really care are those who stand to benefit financially, and his deluded fans.

We at MuttzNutzz have put together our own special tribute to Jackson – it’s message comes from the heart! Read the rest of this entry »

I wish these were brains T-Shirt…

Following on from a photograph we published last month of – shall we say – a rather well endowed girl with the fantastic slogan “I wish these were brains” emblazoned across her chest, we decided to do our own take on the T-Shirts. Here it is.

Just imagine the sheer joy your wife or girlfriend would experience on receiving this T-Shirt as a gift! Mine would probably ram it down my throat and choke me with it. But hey, it would be worth it just for the fun of seeing her expression as she unwraps it! Okay – so on second thoughts maybe it’s not the ideal gift for a wife or girlfriend – but most of us know a chick with enough of a sense of humour to wear an I wish these were brains T-shirt – so it might be a gift idea for one of you friends…

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Occasionally I play about with T-Shirts slogans and designs on another website. As I’ve had a couple of my designs banned from there I thought I might put some of them on this site over time instead. So here’s the first of more T-Shirt designs and other products to come…

Click on the image to take a closer look!

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“I wish these were brains…”

I’m rather thankful they’re not – she’d be smarter than me!


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