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Dub FX

Not only is this guy seriously talented – the music sounds pretty good too!

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Woman of the week – Madonna

madonna2Sticking with the musical theme of last week, unlike Björk there’s nothing anyone would find ‘strangely attractive about Madonna – the woman is hot and always has been.

Okay, the music has been a bit ropey at times, some brilliant, some downright terrible. But you have to admire the way the woman has kept reinventing herself over the years.madonna1 Give or take a little, she’s been in the limelight for about 25 years at the time of writing this, and still looking pretty damned good for a woman in her 50’s now…

To top it off she’s a pretty astute business woman – it’s one hell of a career she’s had – apart from getting involved with that talentless  ‘one trick pony’ Guy Richie.

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Woman of the week – Björk

bjork1A lot of my friends would tell you I’m insane, but I’ve had a thing about Björk for quite some time now. Of course, she isn’t the nicest looking, or indeed the most stable of women. Perhaps it’s her pixie like looks, or that insane edge to her that is so compelling.

Whatever your opinion this is one seriously talented woman. For a long time I never quite got her music, then one day I saw a video of her live. At which point I got it. Her music is incredible – she is a true artist, not just some absurd manufactured pop icon as so many are.

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