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Don’t buy Christmas presents…

It will probably make me sound like some kind of Scrooge character – but, apart from my kids (and my dad this year who’s staying with us) I don’t buy Christmas presents. It seems like a total waste of money to me – and I’m more that a little tired of all the holiday marketing that seems to start earlier and earlier each year. I tell people not to buy for me but some still do – but I insist if they must that they don’t spend much money.

My wife and I since we met don’t buy anything for each other either at Christmas  or birthdays  and haven’t since we met. What’s the point, it’s OUR money we are spending and we just prefer to buy what we want and need, when we want and need it. A nice meal and each other company is usually as far as we go with most celebrations of any kind…

Back to the holidays… they have just become so over-commercialized it’s beyond belief. It seems that people all over the world get themselves into financial difficulties because of the intense pressure to spend placed on them by stores and their own family as they feel the need to equal the spend of better off family members.

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How to buy women’s underwear online – a guide for men

0056At some time in your relationship, you will probably want to surprise your lady a sexy xmas gift. Nothing tacky, but something that lets her know that you think that she is beautiful & desirable. At the same time though, you don’t really feel brave enough to walk into your high street retailer. But, as always, the internet can come to your aid. We are fortunate tha there are a number of reputable online retailers of sexy women’s underwear.

The question is, how do you choose one & how do you know what type of lingerie will send the right kind of message to your wife? When selecting an online retailer of ladies underwear, the kinds of things you need to checkout are

  1. What security do they Offer as far as your payment & personal information are concerned?
  2. What are their lead times?
  3. Are the items available for order currently in stock & available for dispatch?

Stylish Lingerie & Underwear

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