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Cutting down on the drink!

No - this isn't really me...

I mostly drink wine – and if I’m honest with myself have had a drink in some way, shape or form most evenings for a very long time. Not every evening – but most. I rarely – if ever – drink during the day. And I never drink when entertaining clients or working (I know I have a habit of having just one more than I should – never good for business). As far as my ‘get myself fit’ project goes – drinking is number one on the list of things to sort out!

This has been on my mind for some time after having some friends for dinner. The conversation turned to our drinking habits and one of my friend relayed an article he had read about “functional alcoholics”.  Half jokingly we all came to the conclusion that if we weren’t already, we were coming very close to this fitting into the definition.  Loosely the definition being someone who drinks regularly and can still function perfectly normally to all intents and purposes… Like us our friends drink every night – and run a successful business without alcohol affecting their performance. And, we’ve all been doing just that for years.

This was what got me started thinking about this big health kick I’m starting right now…

So how do I plan to adjust my ways on drinking? I’m no expert but I do know myself – here’s my approach… Read the rest of this entry »

The time has arrived…

I wrote earlier about my intentions to get fit after the holidays – and the time is here – today is the first day. I’ve never gone with all that new year resolution nonsense.

Pretty much everyone fails, but with this I figured it was as good a time as any to set a date to start after the excesses of the holidays – I am not calling this a new years resolution… As if to reinforce my – nont a new year resolution – theory a friend yesterday sent me an invitation to a Facebook group called “2010, new year, new me..” yeah yeah thats what u said in ’09 ’08 ’07 ’06

I’m also planning on a gradual process rather than completely shock my body into submission with healthy living with one start date to change ALL my (bad) habits! Read the rest of this entry »

Getting fit after the holidays!

I’ve been thinking about getting my shit together for a while and getting myself into shape. Motivated in part by the articles David Corder owner of the Perfect Fit Wellness Center has provided us, what better time than to tie it in with the whole New Year resolution thing – something I don’t normally do as nobody ever seems to make them stick – including myself! However, this time I’m damn well going to do it – and in order to make myself look a complete ass if I don’t (and thus provide some motivation) I intend to do it publicly on here… Warts and all if necessary!

As someone who used to be a nightclub bouncer, visit the gym regular, spend their vacations walking up and down mountains, a martial artist (Judo and Thai Boxing), and squash player three times a week I’ve really let myself go over the past 6 or 7 years – it’s like I never did all that! Read the rest of this entry »

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