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The best clubs in London…



Personally I think the best clubs I have been to are in Kensington and Mayfair.

In Kensington my favourite clubs are Amika and Movida as they have great dance/Electro music on certain nights, great VIP areas and members tables! Being on their guest list for VIP entry, I’m given the very best in champagne and vodka. It’s a great club for dancing to the electro beats and also a great place to relax and enjoy the drinks on the cosy sofas on the other side of the club.

Even if you aren’t VIP or haven’t got a table you still have a great time as the atmosphere is still there and you have more chance of meeting people to have a great night out with as Movida makes everyone seem approachable and friendly, it all adds to the fun!

In Mayfair, Vendome is another great club to be in, it’s an amazing looking club, it’s underground and is surrounded by a choice of VIP tables which are great to sit in as each of them have a different scene to the next and they can be pre booked… The music in my opinion is great too but that is because I love dance/trance/electro music… So to other people this may not be the place to go to. Read the rest of this entry »

Woman of the week – Amber-Leigh

We took a break from our ‘woman of the week’ feature with Christmas Day and New Years Day falling on Friday’s – but our regular feature is now back with some real hotties lined up for you! First of the year we’re kicking off with our new friend, and contributor Amber-Leigh who we introduced you to recently – an up and coming glamour model from London, in the UK. Amber-Leigh is going to be giving us an insights into the world from a female point of view, alongside some comment and some hints and tips for us guys on how to impress the chicks!

We’re sure you’ll agree that Amber-Leigh is one hot babe! And, we’re looking forward to reading her articles – and seeing her career as it progresses!

We interviewed Amber-Leigh so you can get to know her better…

MuttzNuttz – – When did you start out in the business?

Amber-Leigh – I started In April 2009 as soon as I turned 18, as being involved with the Glamour industry is something I had always wanted to do and of course you had to be 18 for, I wanted to start as soon as possible. Read the rest of this entry »

What does an attractive woman – or any woman for that matter – look for in a man?

What is a girl looking for in a man?


Author: Amber-Leigh

I think all girls are after different things in men. Often one girl might love something about a guy that the next girl would hate! This makes this hard question to answer with one simple truth – but in my opinion, and I am sure most of my girlfriends will agree, is that girls look for men who are assertive and confident in themselves without being big headed, full of themselves and cocky!

Looks have a big part in choosing a man but obviously are not the only thing to consider. It is no good having a hot looking man with a dull personality who isn’t much fun! It’s all about balance. As long as men have great confidence, hot looks, maturity and a personality that fits with that of the girl – it may result in a winning combination.

If you are asking me, I like guys who are hot, mature, confident and fun in much the way I’ve described. When I say mature I don’t mean grandpa like, mature men are a big turn on to girls. By mature I mean not acting childish to try and impress a girl with silly jokes. Mature in my eyes is sensible, but fun at the same time and also not being too serious. The reason mature guys turn on girls I think is because a girl wants to feel safe with a guy, the guy is a protection layer, girls LOVE trust and to know they are safe is a big turn on, it works for me anyway! Read the rest of this entry »

MuttzNuttz would like to introduce you to Amber-Leigh…

Amber-Leigh, based in London in the UK is an up and coming glamour model.

Aged 18 and starting out on her career in 2009 she has already appeared in a number of UK men’s magazines including FHM, Nuts and Zoo – we’re sure you will agree quite rightfully so!

Amber-Leigh describes herself as “fun-loving, outgoing, extrovert, individualistic, impulsive, independent, energetic, strong, hard-working, very extravagant, and mischievous”. With her looks that must make her the perfect package! Her other big boast is that it’s all real – no surgeons knife has ever touched – it’s all natural and for real.

At the time of writing Amber-Leigh is currently through to the Top 100 High Street Honeys and is very much on the way to fulfilling her dream of gracing the pages of the top magazines worldwide!

Read the rest of this entry »

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