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Woman of the week – Lucy Lawless

I’ve written about Lucy Lawless a couple of times – most recently in my post about Spartacus. So, we thought it’s about time we featured her as our woman of the week. Still looking fantastic at 42, and not a bad actress to boot… Read the rest of this entry »

Woman of the week – Jodie Foster

Of course, if the media are to believed Jodie Foster isn’t likely to be showing an interest in many readers of this site any time soon. But doesn’t she look great even at 47 years old! We also think there’s few that can argue she’s one of the best actresses of our time, with 2 Oscars, 36 other awards and a further 20 nominations… Read the rest of this entry »

Brittany Murphy dies at age 32!

There’s really only one thing to write about this morning – the death of Brittany Murphy at only 32.

According to most reliable sources Brittany died on Sunday at 10:04 PST at the home she shared with her husband British writer Simon Monjack. Initial reports described her death as due to ‘natural causes’ (no doubt the vultures will soon be circling with their absurd conspiracy theories soon as always after such a perfectly reasonable description),  and a number of sources are now describing it as cardiac arrest.

Best know perhaps (certainly in our eyes) for films like 8 Mile
and Sin City, Brittany Murphy has had a relatively successful career with the promise of more to come. Whatever the circumstances, whoever they are, it’s never pleasant to see the demise of someone so young with such a future ahead of them… Our thought go out to Brittany Murphy’s family.

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