Strange car gadgets for men

Oh, boys and their toys. Young men and their cars have been absolutely inseparable since the advent of the vehicle. Guys don’t just get pleasure out of driving their cars and keeping them clean and shiny – they also like to buy car gadgets to maximize the pleasure of the driving experience. Here are four car gadgets for young men that are fun or useful or just plain strange – or better yet, some combination of all three.

Closed Hood Car Jump Starter

Trying to jump start a dead car can be really tricky. There are so many different parts underneath the hood that make trying to figure out exactly where to clip the jumper cable quite a chore. The Closed Hood Car Jump Starter, as the name implies, is an amazing device that allows you to jump start the car through an easy to find outlet: the cigarette lighter. You just connect your dead car to a running car through the cigarette lighter outlet, and five to ten minutes later everything should be in working order. What a clever and nifty thing to have lying around in the trunk! Read the rest of this entry »

Discover how you can decorate your bedroom as a single dad!

Any single dad will agree that, after a hard day at work, it is ideal to have a personalized room where you can spend a relaxing evening. With just a little work, you can design your bedroom to meet your personal needs, without taking away its masculinity. Unlike in a bedroom designed for women, in a man’s bedroom you will usually find things of practical utility and not objects for strict esthetic purposes. Still, there is no reason why these practical things should not look good at the same time.

For example, try to pick drapes with colors that are easy to match with the bed covers and the pillows, such as brown or darker shades of red. There is no need to stop there of course, you can attempt to create a theme color for the entire room, from rugs to furniture, from lamps to paintings in which a certain color abounds. Read the rest of this entry »

3D Television

It seems 3D television has become the new fad before it has even come out of the box. But are we really ready for 3D TV? Personally, I don’t think we are for some very good reasons.

The first of those reasons is cost. A 3D enabled television will run you anywhere from $3,000 to $12,000. Now I don’t know about you, but there’s no way I’m ever going to pay $12,000 for a television unless it does my laundry, washes my dishes, and helps my kids with their homework at the same time. $12,000 is a down payment on a home! And yes, I know it’s a luxury item and I know luxury costs. But $12,000? C’mon! For $12,000, my entire family will come to your home and put on a play. You can’t get any more 3D than that!

All kidding aside, the cost of these things couldn’t come at a worse time. Not only are we right in the middle of a recession, we recently went through a forced upgrade. Remember it was just a few months back that all television programming switched from analog to digital. For some, the move was a simple matter of shelling out 80 bucks for a small device. Others had to buy whole new televisions. Let’s hope 3D TV doesn’t become the new norm for all television viewing and we’re forced into another upgrade. I’m still getting used to the eerie reality emanating from my new HD set! Read the rest of this entry »

Nissan recall affects more than 2 million cars

Nissan has announced a worldwide recall is needed to fix a problem with the engine control system in more than 12 of their model ranges.

The Japanese manufacturers have said that the problem may cause the engine to stall whilst running, quite the problem I’m sure you’ll agree. However, they insist that this problem hasn’t been the cause of any accidents.

Nissan’s affected models include the Micra/March, Cube, Note, Tilda and Titan, as well as the Infiniti QX56 luxury SUV.

The majority of cars affected are in Japan (834,759 vehicles) and North America and Canada (762,000 vehicles) but there will also be substantial recalls in Europe (354,170 cars) and China and Taiwan (194,409). Those that are being recalled have been manufactured all over the world between August 2003 and July 2006, so it is not a specific defect in just one plant.

The fix needed is expected to take no longer than 25 minutes, though Nissan will be carrying out the service free of charge on certain models. Read the rest of this entry »

Racing Games to Buy This Christmas

Without a doubt if you have teenagers then you’re already pulling your hair out wondering what on earth to buy them this Christmas. What do you buy for a teenager that has everything? With all the latest gadgets being advertised on television you’re probably freaked out by the prices, however, choosing the perfect Christmas present doesn’t have to cost the earth.

In fact, it’s more than likely that if you have a teenager then they’ll have a games console such as a PlayStation 3 or an XBOX 360. Choosing what games to purchase can be exceptionally difficult, especially if you’re not familiar with games consoles. Popular games on the market at present are racing games, read on to find out more…

F1 2010 – one of the most popular games to be released recently, F1 2010 is both fun and a faithful re-creation of the most challenging motorsport. Best of all, both the cars and circuits that they race have been recreated realistically giving the game a natural feel. Although the F1 season is coming to a close, this game will allow players to invest their time and passion into the sport well into the future! Read the rest of this entry »

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