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About this site

This site is about cars, boats, planes, motorcycles, gadgets, technology, women, and all the other things we get out of bed for in the mornings! It’s intent is to be informative, but interspersed with a bit of humour and entertainment…

About me

Me – I’m just a regular guy and I’m hoping my interests are of interest to others. I’m well travelled in the US and Europe (and some hell holes where nobody should go), run a reasonably successful business and I’m based on what most readers would consider an exotic island. I don’t have many complaints about my life or standard of living.

I love the outdoors, be it camping, hiking, fishing, hunting – you name it.  And have no problems killing anything – as long as I am going to eat it.

I flatly refuse to grow up and as much, perhaps more now than ever, am obsessed by ‘toys’. The toys have just got bigger and faster since I was a kid!

If you’ve got any comments on this site, if there’s things you’d like to see, if you’d be interested in sending us a guest article, or if you have a product you’d like us to review – feel free to get in touch!

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