Getting fit after the holidays!

I’ve been thinking about getting my shit together for a while and getting myself into shape. Motivated in part by the articles David Corder owner of the Perfect Fit Wellness Center has provided us, what better time than to tie it in with the whole New Year resolution thing – something I don’t normally do as nobody ever seems to make them stick – including myself! However, this time I’m damn well going to do it – and in order to make myself look a complete ass if I don’t (and thus provide some motivation) I intend to do it publicly on here… Warts and all if necessary!

As someone who used to be a nightclub bouncer, visit the gym regular, spend their vacations walking up and down mountains, a martial artist (Judo and Thai Boxing), and squash player three times a week I’ve really let myself go over the past 6 or 7 years – it’s like I never did all that!

I smoke (more heavily than I used to), I drink – far to much wine (most days), and I get little or no exercise, which I usually excuse by the pressures of work in terms of time and stress… This also serves I guess as the excuse for the drinking. It’s time to sort it out  – turn it on it’s head and reverse the time and effort I put into being unhealthy, into being healthy.

I’m aware that it’s been a while since I’ve made the effort – so intent to take it easy and sort out the major problems of drinking and smoking first…. So come the second of January I’m setting myself a new rule, rather than kill myself by not drinking at all – I’m going to stop drinking at home and restrict myself only to social drinking either when out with friends or at parties and the like.

I’m also going to spend at least 30 minutes every day taking the dog for a brisk walk to set me off exercise wise…

Not sure of the time scale yet – but following that it’s time to tackle the smoking. And then on to sorting out a sensible exercise regime. I’ve put ‘pen to paper’ now – so I’ve committed myself… Wish me luck (…and will power)!

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