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FIFA is a shambles!

According to an article on the BBC site – that carries the headline,

Qatar 2022 ‘whistleblower’ in corruption U-turn

It would seem that all is well within FIFA! We can all forget now how the corruption allegations dominated the headlines recently, with masses of evidence quoted from many reliable sources that things ‘haven’t been quite right’ for a while now.

The article continues…

The “whistleblower” behind a series of corruption allegations involving Fifa executive committee members and Qatar’s 2022 World Cup bid has told the BBC she fabricated the claims. Phaedra Al Majid, a former international media officer for Qatar 2022, said she wanted to exact revenge after losing her campaign job. She decided to go public after she said her “lies had gone too far”.

We believe you! You have to wonder though what it took to fix (pardon the pun) this one?

Now for a quick game of spot the difference…. Sepp Blatter Tony Soprano

A couple of seconds away from real pain!

Freerunning – Parkour

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What is overspeed training?

What is Overspeed?

Overspeed is when athletes move the whole body, or parts of the body, with speeds higher than the normal competitive speed.

Speed training basically consists of athletes trying to maintain the highest speed possible for as long as it is possible. By repeating this over and over again, the athlete will, eventually be able to extend the barrier and surpass his/ her record.

The athlete accelerates to gaining the maximum speed and then tries to maintain this speed for 30-50 yards. Even top world sprinters cannot run their fastest for even such short distance as 100 meters. Usually the athlete is gaining speed up to first third of the distance, then in the second part they are at their top speed level and in the last third they are a little slower than during the previous phase. Read the rest of this entry »

Snowboarding accident…

Not the best of endings to a day of snowboarding…!

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