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FIFA is a shambles!

According to an article on the BBC site – that carries the headline,

Qatar 2022 ‘whistleblower’ in corruption U-turn

It would seem that all is well within FIFA! We can all forget now how the corruption allegations dominated the headlines recently, with masses of evidence quoted from many reliable sources that things ‘haven’t been quite right’ for a while now.

The article continues…

The “whistleblower” behind a series of corruption allegations involving Fifa executive committee members and Qatar’s 2022 World Cup bid has told the BBC she fabricated the claims. Phaedra Al Majid, a former international media officer for Qatar 2022, said she wanted to exact revenge after losing her campaign job. She decided to go public after she said her “lies had gone too far”.

We believe you! You have to wonder though what it took to fix (pardon the pun) this one?

Now for a quick game of spot the difference…. Sepp Blatter Tony Soprano

After the Rapture…

Strange car gadgets for men

Oh, boys and their toys. Young men and their cars have been absolutely inseparable since the advent of the vehicle. Guys don’t just get pleasure out of driving their cars and keeping them clean and shiny – they also like to buy car gadgets to maximize the pleasure of the driving experience. Here are four car gadgets for young men that are fun or useful or just plain strange – or better yet, some combination of all three.

Closed Hood Car Jump Starter

Trying to jump start a dead car can be really tricky. There are so many different parts underneath the hood that make trying to figure out exactly where to clip the jumper cable quite a chore. The Closed Hood Car Jump Starter, as the name implies, is an amazing device that allows you to jump start the car through an easy to find outlet: the cigarette lighter. You just connect your dead car to a running car through the cigarette lighter outlet, and five to ten minutes later everything should be in working order. What a clever and nifty thing to have lying around in the trunk! Read the rest of this entry »

Pereparing a best man’s speech

So you’ve been designated the best man at your best friend’s wedding and you’ve got to give a speech in front of a bunch of people you hardly know. Great. What are you going to do? Pull a rabbit out of a magic hat and hope HE has a speech prepared? While that little stunt would probably steal the show, it’s not going to happen. Those kinds of tricks are for kids and these days, and even they aren’t even fooled.

Here’s a fool-proof formula for giving one of the best man speeches known. Read the rest of this entry »

Facebook lies?

Perhaps its just me… But I get really hacked off when people use my name in what is, to all intents and purposes, a fake testimonial!

This is exactly what Facebook are doing with their ‘friend finder’ !

No doubt you’ve seen it as you’ve been around on Facebook – it’s been showing up regularly near the top right of the screen for quite some time now. It sits their saying “X and Y have found friends using…”

I’d never really given it much thought until last week when I accidentally loged into someone else’s account on a shared PC, only to see my name there telling them I’d used ‘friend finder’ to successfully locate friends on Facebook… Read the rest of this entry »

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